Child Protection

Strengthening Community based Child Protection in Chhattisgarh/Kolkata

The state of Chhattisgarh is affected by civil strife, violence and is surrounded by “The Red Corridor” of India. Out of the27 districts of Chhattisgarh, about 18 are affected by insurgencies and among these, seven southern districts of Bastar region are the worst hit. As in any human conflict, here also children are the most frequent victims caught in the crossfire.

Tomorrow's Foundation started responding to the situation of Children in Dantewada district in the aftermath of the insurgence movement. In 2017 collaboration between Tomorrow’s Foundation and UNICEF resulted in strengthening of community-based child protection mechanisms in 25 villages of Dantewada block. Based on the results it was decided that the design would be scaled up in four districts, namely Dantewada, Sukma, Narayanpur and Bijapur.

Puna Aar is a joint project with UNICEF initiated in 2011 and continues to promote a protective learning environment for children in 25 villages of the Dantewada District. The project is mandated to generate community and stakeholder involvement and organizes a series of formal and informal meetings with the community, teachers, children, panchayat members and government officials in order to know their views, experiences and problems faced in ensuring quality education and protection.

The objectives are to promote protective learning environments for children in the targeted 50 villages in the district; to strengthen the SMC and VCPC thereby integrating them in one active committee to avoid confusion among villagers with too many similar bodies; to develop competent and active Village Child Protection Committees so that they are able to carry forward the work started towards quality education and child protection in the long term; to improve the participation and engagement of the SMC/VCPC/Children in the teaching/learning process and thereby improve the quality of education in the schools in 50 villages; to promote and strengthen child friendly panchayats by bringing government programmes into co-operation; to strengthen ICPS programme/ stakeholders in the district; to create model villages in terms of quality education and child friendly panchayats.

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