Shivansh Farming

In its first ever agricultural initiative, Tomorrow’s Foundation along with partner organisations, has designed a programme to promote the method of Shivansh Farming among 100 farmers of Birbhum district, West Bengal.

The pilot plan is to train five progressive farmers who will subsequently train 20 farmers each, thereby training 100 farmers in the community in the same Shivansh farming method.

Methodology of Shivansh Farming was applied in RajatpurIndranarayanVidyapith(Govt. aided High School) in Birbhum district. One day Orientation Programme on Shivansh Farming among 100 students was organized at RajatpurIndranarayanVidyapith .Two Compost Pile and one Intensive Vegetable Garden was made with involvement of Students with mentorship of Shivansh Field Team. Vegetables were grown in the garden under Shivansh Farming process are used in the Midday Meal Program of that School.


Tomorrow’s Foundation aims to:

  • Scale up and take Shivansh Farming methodology to 10,000 farmers with the help of technology.
  • Regular workshop of dance and theatre started in five SSM schools.
  • Promote Shivansh Farming technique in 100 government schools so that they can grow their own organic vegetables for the mid-day meals.

Project Location

  • Berugram&Sukhbazar Village of BolpurSriniketan Block in Birbhum, West Bengal.
  • Pratappur (Narayanpur) Village of Illambazar block in Birbhum, West Bengal.
  • Kabirajpur of Sainthiablock in Birbhum, West Bengal.
  • Mangalpur&Moukota Blocks of ofAushgram, Burdwan District, West Bengal.

Stories of Change

Debasish Das is a farmer from Semiat village of Birbhum district. His family consists of his parents and brother. He earlier used chemical pesticides and fertilisers on his land. After learning about the benefits of Shivansh Farming process, he has applied the same on his land and now growing 13 types of organic vegetables that are sufficient for his family’s consumption. Debasish is also motivating other farmers to apply this Shivansh Kheti process.

Meet farmer Shri Balai Kisku of Siansukh Bazar of Bolpur. Balai used to grow crops using chemical fertilisers but after implementing the Shivansh Farming technique, he is now successfully harvesting 19 different vegetables using 100% organic fertiliser! Balai is very pleased with the Shivansh Farming methodology and reports that the vegetables taste so much better than before.