Addressing Child labor through Open school

Tomorrow’s Foundation Open School project started in 2001, to offer customized options in continuing education for poor children between 12 and 20 years. The project provided both education and skill training. The objective is to provide bridging facilities to students who are long time drop-outs or working, not being able to attend formal school to continue their education by making them self-sufficient through the means of proper training. Tomorrow’s Foundation has been working in close collaboration with learning for life (UK) since 2015 with the aim of eliminating the worst forms of child labor in Kolkata.

Open School Project focus on:

  • Counseling parents/single mothers to guide their children about the right to education, instead of coercing them into becoming wage-earners
  • Speaking to factory owners and conducting awareness programmes with them on the rights of the young people they are employing
  • Classes at Tomorrow’s Foundation Open Schools are held in two sessions, during the day and in the evening
  • Ensuring a complete education
  • Bridging education into training that equips young people for jobs and self-employment

Over the past 3 years the intervention has resulted in an increase in children and young people leaving hazardous job sectors, enrolling them into the formal and continuous education system, acquiring necessary and relevant skills through skills and livelihood training and finding for themselves relatively safer jobs, thereby improving their own living standards and those of their families.

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