Child Protection

Collectivitation for Adolescent

Since April 2017, we have been working on a Pilot Project called Adolescent Friendly Wards. This is a partnership with UNICEF India. We are incorporating the particular and proven skills in the field to create an Adolescent Friendly Ward that can then be scaled up through policies and initiatives incorporated in the annual budgets of the urban planning, education, skills development and child welfare departments of the local authorities.

The Child Friendly City (CFC) within which this programme takes place is a global concept that pledges to make cities better places for children and youth to live, learn and play in the context of an alarming impact of rapid urbanization on children. Tomorrow’s Foundation has been selected as one of the implementing partners of this initiative to implement UNICEF’s philosophies of Child friendly cities initiative in 5 selected wards of Kolkata.

The project intends to empower youth & communities and support adolescents in seeking information, accessing services and encouraging decision making urban children and youth in the underprivileged areas of Kolkata, West Bengal (especially those in urban slums) are extremely vulnerable, to: sexual exploitation and abuse, trafficking and commercial sex work for both girls and boys. Labor exploitation and denial of schooling, especially for boys; voluntary or financially imposed school drop-outs for both girls and boys, exacerbated by their lack of ability to cope with studies, lack of parental guidance, and lack of interest and motivation to study without any focus or clear picture of how their studies will help them in future; early marriage and early motherhood for girls, as parents do not want girls to study further and feel that their responsibility ends if they can be married; early and secretive experimentation with sex without adequate awareness of sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and poor idea of how to prevent such occurrences and adopt healthy behaviors; overall low morale and self-esteem coupled with anger, frustration and resentment at being deprived - a situation exacerbated by media and TV exposure and which often leads to crime, substance abuse, violence, anti-social behavior in general, politically driven hoodlumism and other deleterious behaviors. All of this prevents a vital component of society from realizing its full potential.

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